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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


9:11 PM - drea

I can't believe it!! =O I looked in a lot of places and none of them sold One Piece!! T_T I can't believe it! *sob* And I was gonna scan all these pics from the comics so me and Kai could make a One Piece fan page... Well...the cool thing is, I went to this Japanese bookstore, and I found the Japanese original One Piece books! =D But it only went up to Book 15, which is the last book I read. *sniff* Haiya!! Oh well....I've transparent-ized two of the scanned pics of Roronoa Zoro..*drool* Check 'em out! =D


Zoro shrine, here I come!! ^_~

P.S. *jaw drops* Wooooo!! Now THIS...wowee! xD

2:05 AM - drea me! xD

12:46 AM - drea
Well okay...we had our first lesson of Visual Basic today. It went pretty slow at first but then we got to play around with it ourselves, and I just love it! I'm sure I'll get sick of it sometime, but for now it's gonna be a new toy. Hehe. xD *sigh* I can't believe it, this song is so cute. =P I'm listening to Edison...'gik oi zee gay'...hehe...I love you, I owe you. It's so...cute. =D Hahah...I'm not surprised these dogfood ads won't be around in magazines here anytime soon. 0_o

I feel like I'm on extended jet lag. biological time clock is all messed up. I wake up at 7, get hungry for breakfast at around 9, eat some lunch at 12, eat 'dinner' at around 6, sleep until 11:30, get up and stay up until like....2-4 in the morning. 0_o; Well it may not sound very messed up but I sure feel like it. >_<

Yay...I just downloaded the Silkscreen font. Just what I needed! Never liked Sevenet much anyways, bleh. *rambles on about nothing*


1:30 AM - drea
=O =D ^_^

12:44 AM - drea
Wah. Boodiful board...and I've been to lately, and wow! Everything's changed!! @_@ Everything looked absolutely faboolooshlus. >_< I gotta go sign the guestbook sometime...ack. It's 12:30, and I still haven't continued on my math yet...rrgh. And I gotta type up my physics. Oh yeah...I also found kate lorraine...she got a domain! =O So much change when I've been playing FFIX....^_^ And I've also found a kickass beatrix worship site! =D The rules for joining are like ones I've never seen before..."How do you like Beatrix? (Could be in a form of poem, winamp skin, wallpaper, ICQ skin, short essay, fanfic, or fanart)" Wow. 0_o

I just checked out the 'Kiss a FFIX character', and I kissed STEINER!!!! *falls off her chair laughing* Eh well... =D *goes off to try again* Ooh...second time, I kissed Sephiroth. =D Maybe I'll kiss all of 'em!! xD


I KISSED ZIDANE!!! =D Wow...lucky go. Haha!! =P~ Aha!! Finally, after many tries...=P


11:35 PM - drea
Blogging makes me so much happier. ^_^ At least my thoughts have a refuge somewhere. =D I'm glad I finally got a layout up...I've been waiting ages for inspiration for a layout. I guess I couldn't take it anymore today, I just messed around with stuff and got this. Not too bad, eh? Hehe. Eh well...lots has happened since my last blog entry, which was like...ages ago...well, at least it feels like it. 0_o *siiiigh* I've spent half a day experimenting with this and that and came up with this, and I need to do my homework. Blegh. And mom is going to come in very, very soon. I can sense it. 0_o

11:24 PM - drea
Which FFIX character are you most like?

# 1 The Moogles
# 2 Beatrix
# 3 Garnet Till Alexandros
# 4 Adelbert Steiner
# 5 Queen Brahne
# 6 Quina Quen
# 7 Eiko Carol
# 8 Vivi Orunitia
# 9 Zidane Tribal
# 10 Regent Cid
# 11 Amarant Coral
# 12 Freya Crescent
# 13 Kuja

11:04 PM - drea
Starting fresh.