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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       January 19, 2001

10:30 PM - drea

I had such a productive day today. =D Um well...too much to say. Let's just say I bought a lota stuff! ^_^;; I bought cute hair clips'n'stuff, a pack of One Piece cards (=D =D =D =D =D), and um...spent like $40 on arcade. =P *ppbth* AND...I brought a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 back home with me....after countless defeated attempts to install it I finally minimized it to a very, very minimal installation and it worked!! ^_^;; Well..when I have ideas for stuff I'll be going crazy with it. ^_~ Blahblahblah...going to game empire tomorrow! well. Now that I think about's kinda pointless. Eh well, that's just me I guess. ^_^;;;

       January 18, 2001

8:52 PM - drea
=O ANOTHER Kuja site! 0_o Woo! OH wait no. Just a Kuja splash. Bleee.

Blegh. Forgot what I was going to say...wanna get Counterstrike. =P

7:07 PM - drea
Guys are really, really, really weird.

Incomprehensible. *shakes head*

       January 17, 2001

10:35 PM - drea


       January 16, 2001

10:21 PM - drea
Great...we have the debate on Thursday. >_<

Anyway...guys are just strange. Real strange. There was that time where I asked him if he wanted to go to game empire, and he acted like I was like asking him out and stuff!! He thinks he's sooo...special and stuff. Hahahha. Oh well...and Green won the interhouse basketball today. Woo. Now, if we can only aim for second place...

I feel semi-quadri-confused. Blegh. I dunno. We haven't talked or anything, but...I just don't think anything's gonna happen. T_T So much for his promises before he left.

       January 15, 2001

10:25 PM - drea
I feel like such a bitch today.

       January 14, 2001

4:51 PM - drea

2 hours later...

Woohoooooo!! I finally got the stupid stuff to work. Hehehe. =P I only modified the layout a bit and I messed it all up..heehee. xD Shows how good I am at HTML! ^_^;;


*drool* I love that shirt!! And the cow is soo cute. =D