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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       January 27, 2001

3:15 PM - drea

It's true. Money is nothing when you don't get to spend it. *sob*

1:20 PM - drea

L'arc~en~ciel --> KICKASS. =D

       January 26, 2001

11:45 PM - drea

I want to go buy stuff tomorrow. Hell, I want to go out tomorrow. *sigh*

11:31 PM - drea
I'm just torturing myself.

I've scraped myself because I know if I cut myself I'd regret. I'd gorged down on a ton of chocolate with lots of water. I've hit my head against the wall. I punched cushions. Now let's see, what else is on the list...?

Okay. I feel sick. I feel so frustrated. No, it's not PMS. Gee, how I wish it were.

5:32 PM - drea
Damn.....I haven't started to write my survey for geography yet! And I think we have to show him/hand in our draft after the holidays or something...0_o; Wait, I need to pee.


*munches on some milk flan* Mmm....boy, I love staying at home and mope about. xD Although, I really wouldn't mind going out to buy stuff I want with my lai see money... =D Dad bought tickets to watch that new Jackie Chan movie tomorrow...I think it's called Sometimes Spy or....something like that. Wait, I'll go check on Heh. *wiggles the milk flan* AHA! It's called Accidental Spy. Hehehhe. Close enough... xP *munch munch*

12:37 AM - drea

*shakes fist* Go on ICQ, dammit!! >_< *sniff* *sniff*

       January 25, 2001

11:55 PM - drea
"I've been thinking; what if you woke up one day to find out that everyone, even your best friend, every single person you knew - hated you in secret? It's been something that's been eating away at me for a while. What if.. everyone hated me? What if they DID hate me? I don't know, I guess I'm really insecure.. but everytime someone talks to me I get this gnawing little worm in my side telling me, "oh look, she/he hates talking to you. she/he hates being near you. everyone does." And I wonder if that's true.

Everyone hides behind some sort of mask nowadays. You can tell. It's all so.. superficial. You never really know what's behind the mask. And that's what scares me."

*tackles and bear huggles Kai* At least I'm too stupid to be dishonest to people I love. ;)

11:39 PM - drea
Red Hot v1.03, my new layout ish fully up! xD

Yay! ^_^ Um...yeah...hehehe. =P I hate sleeping early now. It's just not right for someone like me. *sigh* I have such a messed up sleeping timetable. Hmm, that made no sense at all, as usual...even I don't understand myself. It's strange, really.

11:12 AM - drea
I'm so immensely bored. >_<
I'm trying to find a background-ish kinda image for my popups or stuff....or...whatever. Heh. =P And I'm trying to make a new banner image now...*goes off to find more Nic pics* =P Ew, that rhymed!! xD


This is one of the better nic fan pages I've seen. Wow. =D And check out all these droolworthy pics of him from his concert! (I think the dude just took these pics off nic's official site but hey, whatever! =D)


There. =D I'll get to making the buttons'n'modifying other pages later. =P

       January 24, 2001

4:43 PM - drea

I'm changing it. NOW. 0_o; Heh. =P

And after quite a while of work...

Ta da!! ^_~ NICHOLAS TSE! *drools* =D

12:15 PM - drea
A new, simple, purpley layout. Heh. ^_^

P.S. Ack, it looks so scary now. =P

12:21 AM - drea
SoooOOooOoooo WEIRD. 0_o

Two minutes ago, the phone rang (and there was no number in the caller ID thingy) and I picked it up. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Random guy: Hello? Umm...can I call you Ms...?(lay gwai sing ah?)
Me: Uh...Chan. (*thinks this is some sorta interview*)
Random guy: Ohh....umm...are you free to talk for a while? (laughing heard in the background)
Me: Umm....who are you looking for? (lay wun been wai ah?)
Random guy: Nobody, I just wanted to find someone to talk old are you?
Me: Umm...I can't now, I'm kinda busy...why don't you just press some more random numbers, I'm sure you'll find someone else to talk to.
Random guy: Oh no! I think you're probably better to talk to.
Me: Hehe, oh really? Well I uh....I'd had better go sleep now.
Random guy: Oh okay then....bye (more laughing in the background)
Me: Bye. 0_o

And I thought I was the only person bored enough to do things like that!! Damn!

       January 23, 2001

11:57 PM - drea
I'm so sick of this layout. New layout, here I come!! =P

       January 22, 2001

4:30 PM - drea
Great. Stupid Outlook...I got this e-mail, that Snow White virus. I'm scanning my computer now and hoping I'm not infected. Oh well...not such a big virus or anything but it still worries me. =P~ *dies* X_x I've barely done a thing today...woke up really really late >_< and then played FFIX for a looong time...I came back online to read some of the game FAQs and stuff, and now I'm gonna go back and level up soon. Yay. Finished the virus scan...found two misc viruses, cleaned those. La di da. Oh yeah...on Saturday I went to game empire. Now I feel so ripped off...cost me $47 for two hours! Heheh. Counterstrike is pretty fun, but I think I'd rather buy the game...=T Tai ha deem lah. I think I'll go buy UO instead. =D It sounds like fun...*doesn't know what to say* Hmmmm. *runs off to play some more FFIX*

       January 21, 2001

5:58 PM - drea


And for Kai.

Heh. =D *shall post more later*