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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       February 2, 2001

11:24 PM - drea
What a day. =D we stayed after school for Visual Basic again, and we learned how to make an 'online shopper' thing and an image browser. Kinda simple but hey, this is what, our third lesson? Hehe. And after our lesson, of course we went down to causeway again. Me and Kai just walked around causeway, and we went to causeway plaza to look for the comics store but we couldn't find it, and I bought a new wallet. =D Then we rushed to times square cuz we forgot about mandy and ppl waiting for us...when we got there Agnes was very mad. =D We then went up to the arcade, danced for a while, then we bumped into Janet/Yoan/Theresa and ppl. Then Mandy and Agnes had to go, so Kevin stuck around some more, and then he left, and we went down for dinner. Janet called afterwards, and she joined us for a while..when we got out of times square we bumped into doogey and lemon...oh wait, I'm not supposed to remember that. xD

We went to do some shopping and stuff, then we escorted Janet to her real escort (xD) and we hung around in HMV, and left back for jardine's crescent. Bought our stuff there, then we just left. When I was on the bus lemon called me to tell me they bumped into She's in GSIS now and stuff...hehe. Well, yeah.

Ahh. I bought a dress, tube, wallet, some other misc stuff like food....ahh. It's nice to have money. Hee! xB

12:16 AM - drea

       February 1, 2001

8:58 PM - drea
Tomato and potato must be the coolest words in the English language. Seriously. =D

I've finished reading books 1, 2, and 3 for Good Morning's so romantic. *feels all mushy and stuff* And reading this stuff just makes me feel kinda sad knowing stuff like this'll never happen in reality. Oh well...I'm glad this week is finally feels like I've been waiting for it to end for forever. And we have visual basic tomorrow too...hmm....

Doof. I hate being a sappy romantic.

       January 31, 2001

10:23 PM - drea
I need to pee.

Damn...I finished watching the Card Captor Sakura epilogue was so moving. I cried at the end...thank goodness it was a happy ending. ^_~ But it just was so emotional...*sniff sniff* turned out (big spoilers ahead!! =O)xiao lang came back from Hong Kong because sakura's friend (I forget her name...the one who likes video-taping) sent them an email to come back and they come back, fight the FINAL biggie card, and finally sakura tells him she likes xiao lang. *sighs* =D Okie doke....I've got some screenshots here, I couldn't help but take some pics. xD And I also took some screenshots of kero-chan's big that was SOOO funny. ^_~


I wanna go buy more episodes to watch now..hehehe. ^_^; But I also wanna get UO, I wanna get Counterstrike...*cries* What am I gonna do?! How am I gonna buy all this stuff?! *dies* X_X Maybe I'll just go buy the episodes...=P AND the nic tse CD and stuff. ^_~

12:41 AM - drea

Okay...I haven't finished anything yet. I need to finish physics and bio questions, and I'm not sure if I should do the key concept questions for computer (probably should). Haiya! Cuz I fell asleep when I came back home sooo...I guess I'm kinda awake now. =T Good thing too, I need to work. *goes off to work* I'll write more later if I get the chance..

       January 30, 2001

1:04 AM - drea

Those two are such meanie doggie/poos!

12:24 AM - drea
I'm an ash tree, and I'm supposed to be::
uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding,
does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented,
likes to play with fate, can be egotistic, very! ! reliable
trustworthy,faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule
over the heart, but takes partnership very seriously

RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. None of that was even the slightest bit correct. Maybe except for the uncommonly attractive. DAMN! So when it said I was egotistic they were right. Dammit, the stupid time is all messed up. 0_o It's 11:17 pm right now, if it turns out funny in any way...

       January 29, 2001

10:08 PM - drea

9:51 PM - drea
Kind of like...erasing the past. Pay back what you owe, and pretend the past was never there.

8:38 PM - drea
Wung wung!

Not that I still don't love Nic. ;D I only think wung wung is cute! Honest!! xD

       January 28, 2001

12:39 AM - drea
Britney! I can't believe it...I can't believe my idol would DO this!! xD *dies laughing* *cough cough*

I see another virus wannabe in my inbox. Well, this one is the most obvious thing in the world. I mean, the whole e-mail and stuff is blank. There's one attachment, and its called 'NMDLAGNM.EXE'...well, I just don't know who would be stupid enough to open that. 0_o; So...virus alert! If you see this in your inbox, don't open the attachment. Never open any untrustworthy or strange attachments. Okie dokie? =D