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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       February 23, 2001

8:46 PM - drea

Did I scare you? Betcha I did! Oh well, I won't stay here much longer.. :goes off to edit her own blog:

8:41 PM - drea


Now it's MY turn to mess up your blog! :looks smug:


He's is soooo smoogable.. :drool drool drool drool drool:

Hmmmm, I'll post later when I have more ideas on ways how to mess up Andrea's blog..

<3 kai @ asphyxia

       February 22, 2001

11:36 PM - drea

Why does that look oh-so-familiar??

       February 21, 2001

9:06 PM - drea
What is wrong with my damn computer?!

I'm so sick of this. What is wrong with it? It's been going kooky for the whole week. This is so annoying. *sigh* I'll post more later when my computer frees up a bit more. >=T

1:13 AM - drea
La di da.

I shouldn't be up at this time, but I gotta let my nails dry, and I need to check Survivor 2...I pretty much missed the first challenge in all. grr. Well, I guess I could help for the next's to make a Survivor ezboard. Not too hard, I suppose, I've fixed my own ezboard before. Maybe I'll post up dunno so everyone could check out what I can do. =D

Oh yeah...we're talking again. We haven't talked for a long time...probably not since school started. It feels really good to talk to him again....^_^;;; As corny as that sounds, it's true...I kinda missed talking to him. =T And he was really nice to me in PE and stuff today..=P

       February 19, 2001

12:52 AM - drea
RUN! ^_~

       February 18, 2001

8:54 PM - drea
La di da.

Stupid English...I haven't started yet, and there's so much to do. Homework is such a bitch. *growls* I'll have a new layout for my blog soon when I have inspiration...and I have to think up a layout for my new page! We shall see, we shall see.