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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       March 3, 2001

10:26 PM - drea
Wheeeee lalalalala...

I finally updated, Andrew, if you're reading this. ^_~

5:22 PM - drea
La di da.

*is at Mandy's place again*

So bored, we're not exactly doing French again...^_^;; Oh well....^_^;; Heh. Hm. Someone knocked on the door. It was Caleb...hahah.

(I bet for his games and D2...)

Better go...heehee =D

       February 28, 2001

5:03 PM - drea

:messes up andrea's blog:

Oh well, I can't be bothered to type alot.. :P

       February 27, 2001

1:58 AM - drea
Gaaaah...I'm dying.

I haven't started my French/Chinese essays yet...and it's what, 2:14 am? I'm so dead. I don't care much about Chinese, but French..*dies* I think I'll start some chinese now, and French maybe later...*sigh* This is so stupid. I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow. I'm never going to get any sleep.

       February 25, 2001

3:42 PM - drea

We're at Mandy's place right now, and I'm using her laptop. Aiyeeee, I'm so jealous ah! She has broadband. *sobs*

Mandy: HI frecks. Want some cheez curls?
Me: No thanks.
Mandy: ho ho mai gah!
Me: ehhh.

11:58 AM - drea
La di da...put up temporary layout because I was sick of seeing my words had only so much space to show up in. =P

I'll work on something more complex when I get inspiration.