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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       March 10, 2001

11:05 PM - drea

Heehee! Hmm...I'm wondering if I should use this or not. =D

8:27 PM - drea

WARNING: lots and lots of pics!

This was us going insane with the digicam after Visual Basic yesterday. ^_^;;

Hehehehe. There's me (in orange), Danny (the crazy spastic guy), and Kai (girl who always has her face cut off). We all look SOOOOO funny...xD

       March 8, 2001

10:04 PM - drea
so so tired..yet i can't sleep...

6:16 PM - drea
*munches on some pork floss*

AHHHHH!! I'm sooo hungry!! X_X And to add to it, there's NEVER anything to eat at home, so I'm munching away reluctantly at some pork floss while I wait impatiently for dinner...-_-" *sigh* I still have to do math and prepare for english...yay, nothing else. Woot.

       March 7, 2001

10:57 PM - drea

I'm so reluctant to doing my geography homework. *yawn* I'm so deathly tired. -_- I'm going to go take a shower now..will write more maybe later? *shrugs*


*wawn* I feel so toasty and all now. xD *sizzle* Heehee. *is reading more stuff on L'arc~en~ciel* ^_^;; Heh. I'm reading this stuff on Tetsu and Kaori...T_T Oh well, they make a cute couple, I guess. I GUESS. ^_^;;

11:03 AM - drea
Whew...close call. >_<

       March 6, 2001

11:17 PM - drea
*has just put in Lose Control ring tone in her fone* xD

La di da...if I don't go to sleep now, I will get slaughtered. Seriously. =P Well..let's see. I need to get a new guestbook...I hate getting no feedback whatsoever...=P

       March 5, 2001

12:51 PM - drea
I like typing multiple posts rather then typing long tedious posts. I mean, that's what blogs are for, right? If you wanna type long tedious posts, go get a scribble. Whatever.


12:49 PM - drea
Lunchtime. xD

Well, yes, I'm still at school..yeesh, two blogs a day at school. ^^;
Kai will mess up my blog and I'll go mess up hers again. =D

:messes up Andrea's blog:

I didn't pour THAT big a pond on you.. :P Not like the OCEAN you and Mandy poured on ME.. Grrrr.

9:48 AM - drea
La di da...

*is at school right now* ^^;
I never seem to really blog at home nowadays..oh well. It's break time before computer class, and I'm soaked to the bone because SOMEONE decided to pour a whole pond on me. *ahem*

Anyways, I never decided to blog before cuz my blog layout was just not blogging to? *shrugs* I like it better only took me 10/15 min to make. =D I don't think Kai likes it very much, but I like it. ^_^; Judy was looking over my shoulder just now.."what is that? the new typing tutor?" heehee, I wish..^_^;

I want to try out Typing Tutor 10 again...haha. =P

And if that bitch wants to sit there, I'll let her...

       March 4, 2001

1:10 PM - drea
*is at Mandy's place AGAIN* ^^;

It's Sunday after noon now...1:37 pm. Eh, Mandy's computer says 1:37 AM...hahahhaha xP *goes to help Mandy change it first* Okily dokily. Mandy's L key and ? key is kinda's like semi flying out. Heheh. I gotta get my hands off the touchpad cuz somehow I just end up typing somewhere else...well if you don't get what I mean, whatever.

I downloaded the tiny good quality Stay Away PV, and the tiny semi good quality original One Piece (first episode). I'm trying to download the second episode on Mandy's computer now, but the last download stopped so I had to start it over again.

Mandy's eating cheese stuff...she had cheesy egg and now she's eating some kinda grilled cheese sandwich??

Mandy: *nod nod* Ho may.
Me: *nod nod*
Me: Heehee!

Those two sei lo's are playing that Princess maker thingy again...*yawn* I don't want to do the romance story thing for the French movie, it's so..stupid. At least the James Bond thing is a lot better...I want to do the James Bond idea thing. Who cares if we don't have guns?? Oh well. Haha. It's kinda high typing on this keyboard. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. It's very high to type on this keyboard so I'll just keep tying, lalala. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


P.S. Do you like the new layout? (Still purpley, I see...)