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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       March 17, 2001

10:53 PM - drea
<--me. xD

*sigh* Blogger's gone funny so I made these three similiar posts cuz I thought they didn't show up and shit but they DID. Anyhoo, they'll be fixed as soon Blogger is...


Woot. Finally. Blogger's still going semi-funny on me, though. Gah. I haven't done anything today except mope and stuff. I feel dead. No wait..undead. Yeah, that's it.

10:46 PM - drea

*is sweating like a right now* Man, I really hate this weather. Hot and humid. Ugh. Darned summer's coming soon..oh wait no! That means tons of summer fun! BEAAAAACH, hot beach dudes (kinda lacking at repulse), wearing tanks, swimming, going to stanley, bummin out...woo! Can't wait for summer. =D Maybe I should consider going to summer school We'll see...

2:34 PM - drea

Hehehe. =D
Well, our regular routine last night. Had Visual Basic while everyone else was already out. Then, went crazy with the digicam again...^^; went down to causeway. walked around for a while, went into the arcade. First few songs we played, there were this bitchy people behind us. They were like commenting, "ohmiGOSH, that's SO freaking hard!" Apparently they were trying to imply something, so I felt really uncomfortable. Then I got kicked out, and then we took some foto stickers. And then I called mom to see if I could go to Kai's place, and then mom started to yell at me because I didn't ask her whether I could go out or not. What was the difference? Not like I'm never going to go home again. So Kai ended up coming over, and we watched Comic King. It was pretty cool. Yeah, well. Sucks to look 5 years younger than you really are. Really fucking sucks.

So much nic tse... Heehee. xD

       March 16, 2001

1:02 AM - drea
My bio schedule is all messed up again.

Can't wait for the week to be over...and it's a Friday again, already. Wow...the days pass so quickly into weeks...into months..and then years. Time flies by.

       March 14, 2001

10:21 PM - drea

That nightmare was so scary...I'm still so freaked out by it. >_< My heart feels really...uptight. Grargh. AAAARRRGH. I feel so conscious. Like....ah, never mind. I'm just freaked out, okay? -___-

Anyways, on a happier note..I was just scribbling, so I thought I might as well scan it in. Heheh. Take a look. I called him Sokuo, cuz I thought that sounded pretty cool...wonder if it would mean anything. Hehe. ^_^;

<-- Sokuo! =D (er...supposed to be 'Samurai Sokuo' but I thought that sounded kinda stupid =P)

       March 13, 2001

9:51 PM - drea
P.S. Why can't people learn to fuck off?

9:45 PM - drea

I won't be getting any sleep tonight, that's for sure. -_-

       March 12, 2001

10:31 PM - drea

So tired...hehe, so happy. And yet I still feel a little bit pissed. But never mind that...haha. He called, and my mom picked up the it was like: mom: WEI? him: uh...hello? can I speak to andrea please? mom: WEI! me: MOM!! mom: ....*click* me: *laughs so hard* hahha yah? him: andrea? me: yeah =)

Hahhaha. =P

5:04 PM - drea
We went crazy with the digicam at computer class today. Figures. =D

Here we go again. Hehehe. =D

4:56 PM - drea
I'm trying to add another post so this will end up on another page..or something. ^_^;; Hehehe. =P

Oh yeah. He is the most arrogant asswipe ever to grace this earth. And I say that in a nice way, too. -_- He just makes me sick. Grrrrrrrrr.

12:16 AM - drea

That's the coolest smilie on earth. Seriously. =D

       March 11, 2001

4:46 PM - drea
Well since I actually's my current desktop and stuff. =D (click for full glory. ^_^)

4:33 PM - drea
Whenever I listen to Pieces I remember the absolutely beautiful Pieces PV..and Tetsu getting stabbed...T_T

But it's such a beautiful song. I just wish I understood it. =P

by L'Arc~en~Ciel from

Nakanaide nakanaide taisetsu na hitomi wo
Kanashisa ni tsumazuite mo shinjitsu wo miteite ne
Sono mama no anata de ite

Daisuki na sono egao kumorasete gomen ne
Inotte mo toki no nagare hayasugite tooku made
Nagasareta kara modorenakute

Aa odayaka na kagayaki ni irodorare
Saigetsu wa yori wo yume kaeru mitai dakara me wo korashite saa !

Anata no sugu soba ni mata atarashii hana ga umarete
Komorebi no naka de asayaka ni yureteru

Itsumade mo mimamotte agetai kedo mou daijoubu
Yasashii sono te wo matteru hito ga iru kara kao wo agete

Nee tooi hi ni koi wo shita ano hito mo
Uraraka na kono kisetsu aisuru hito to ima
Kanjiteru kana ?

Aa watashi no kakera yo chikara tsuyoku habataite yuke
Furikaeranaide hiroi umi o koete
Takusan no hikari ga itsu no hi ni mo arimasu you ni
Anata ga iru kara kono inochi wa eien ni tsuzuite yuku

Aa ryoute ni afuresou na omoidetachi karenai you ni
Yukkuri ashita wo tazunete yuku kara
Watashi no kakera yo chikara tsuyoku habataite yuke
Furi kaeranaide hiroi umi wo koete

English Translation from 4th ave

Donít cry, please donít cry with those worthy eyes of yours
Though how much sadness you would have to face, do accept the truth
As I would always be with you like this
Iím sorry for letting the fog of sadness blind your happy face
But no matter how much you have prayed, time would still ghastly and fourthly
pass by and never come back again
AhÖthe light, which quietly beams, is colored
The past is just like dreaming at night, it changes all the time and tightly
fixed in your eyes
Iíll be with you as you wish until the new blossoms would bloom again
until you would see the light shining through leaves above
upon those trees
You can look up to see it as long as you like
Because no matter when, there would be someone holding your hand gently and
being with you by your side always
Just look up to the sky
See?Öno matter how long a day and night would pass by, he would be with you
Having him near you by your side like this in such warm and lovely season,
how would the feeling be?
AhÖthose pieces of my body, they have enough strength to fly
across the great ocean, too great that they could no longer look back to see
what are left behind
Making a pray for the light would keep on shining all day and all night
Because of you, thatís why I could still live my live eternally
AhÖdonít let those memories which are overwhelming in
both hands dry away
Because both of us would slowly keep on searching for tomorrow
Those pieces of my body, they have enough strength to fly
across the great ocean, too great that they could no longer look back to see
what are left behind