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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


6:30 PM - drea
Annoying bitch.


11:12 PM - drea
These were from last time.

Heheh. Yes, more digi pics. xP

Okay...I just got this forward from Mandy. One of the more..enlightening ones, I'd say. You can read it here if you like, and if you like it, save it! I was reading it when I realized how truly blessed I whenever I'm mad, down, sad, whatever, I just think back to how lucky I still am.

Oh yeah. We lost the soccer game today. Again. This is so, so sad. Hai, oh well...we're gonna come in last. How reassuring can that be?

10:41 PM - drea
Might as well tell you about my day.

We're doing the song 'bun xiao hai' for Chinese week, and we had the auditorium booked today to rehearse. (w00t) And I found Mr. Wong to get the mikes working, and when we did, cuz Garrett is singing right? Well, let's just say...he sounds HORRIBLE. He's off-tune, off-beat, off-everything. It was funny because Mr. Du kept bugging him about his wrong notes and stuff...heheh. And then Garrett started to blame the mike, but I mean it was just his voice that was the core of the problem! So Douglas was like: Don't blame it on the mike! Me: Yeah!! Heheh. =P

*goes off to eat cakey*


11:49 PM - drea
Hahah...I laugh at myself for being so insanely stupid. xP

Well, I left the tap running for a bath, and then I came back to my computer, and I was surfin a bit, and typed in altavista cuz I just remembered I had to get those darned maps. Then it suddenly hits me that I left the tap on running, so I was like:

Me: *type* Altavista...*remembers* SHIT!! *typetypetypetype* altavista.fom *presses enter* *ZOOOOOOMs to the bathroom*

Eh well, I just found that funny.

Anyways. Since I have no intention to continue on my geography coursework right now, and since I'm not going to take a bath just yet, I guess I'll write stuff. Well, hooray. We lost the soccer competition today. I just couldn't imagine us winning, anyways. It was so stupid. None of the guys brought their PE stuff except for like...Paul and Jun. Jireh borrowed Janet's shirt (xD), and only, Kai and Jocelyn brought our PE stuff. Sheesh. Sara played too, but she didn't have her PE stuff I think...anyways. Of course Jireh, Jun and Paul were like working their asses off trying to turn the tables, and I was trying my best (and fatally accepting the consequenes). I must've gotten hit a dozen times or so. Once you eat a 'ball cake' (don't ask) then you're too freaked out for the rest of the time. At least I was.

The first round was stupid. I was running around trying to help, and then the ball comes flying at me, and me being the slow dimwit I am I just stood there, and the ball whacked the right side of my face really hard. So then when the whistle blew I sat down while Jocelyn subbed for me...and then I had to play afterwards again and I got hit a few more times. -____- At least the green house peepo weren't as violent today....hehehe. When Raymo was kicking the ball back out it flew like really high so I kinda ducked...and he laughed at me. -____- WELL I MEAN IF YOU EAT A BALL CAKE ONCE YOU'LL BE FREAKED TO EAT ANOTHER ONE, RIGHT?


You know...I haven't been to orchestra for forever. I got the piece we're playing at spring music night, but I barely looked at it. I should've gone over it with Vivian...I don't think I'll get it right if I just do it myself. Well...good chance to practice sight-reading, I guess...x_x

I feel compelled to type some more. I have nothing else to do. If I go take a bath now I'll be boiled like a lobster. Eh well. Oh yeah. I looked that guy up in the yrbk...they never turn out to be what they seem, do they? Hm.

Eh well, I'll stop here. Can't be buggered to go on. (Uh..did I just say buggered? Wanted to say that for a long time. xP)

11:18 PM - drea

Doing my geography coursework now, and I have no idea what to write...grr. Yes, I'm a professional procrastinator, sue me. *yawn* Haven't done much. Haven't written much. I have no idea what to write. Damn, still have to find maps and stuff. -___-


10:24 PM - drea
Pleh, a new post for every new thought.

Except my thought has kinda run off if I ever catch up to it I'll stick it here.

10:14 PM - drea
Yada yada.

What a pointless existence, in where I wallow in my frustration in trying to motivate myself to muster up more ambition. Yes, it's true. I want to grow up to shine. I want to grow up as a star. I want to be famous. I want to be a movie star. I want to be a singer. I want to make a difference somehow. Somehow.

.....and back to zoning out we go.

9:48 PM - drea

Heheh, I still can't get over that 'kelefe' thing in Perfect Blue..^_^; It sounds so...strangely familiar. xD Yeah well. You know, I've been thinking. It's so poop that I'm never original. But how can anyone be truly original anyways? Eh..well...won't mention any more. -_____- was our last Christian Club meeting. And like the last few lessons, we talked about dating and stuff. So now I really see the light. I mean, I used to think I knew what dating and shit was all about...but I really don't. I used to think I knew what love and all that shit was about too, but turns out I know nothing about it. It's strange how you look back on things, and you realize how immature you were, or how stupid you acted. Happens for me all the time. But...that could be good right? Shows I'm changing? *shrugs* I dunno. Doesn't feel like I'm changing any for the better. And physically, everyone seems to grow prettier as they grow up...and I'm the only one who seems to grow uglier. Inside and outside.

Good grief, I'm a phenomenon, aren't I?


9:28 PM - drea
La di da.

We went out for dinner just now, since no one could be bothered to cook dinner. So full now..if we go out every night like this, then I'll be turning into a fat pig in no time. Oh wait no, I'm already once. I don't know why...I keep trying to make it work, but it still doesn't seem to...This darned dork pic won't show up..lemme try again.

--> =B

3:38 PM - drea
BWAHAHAA... >:D *messes up Andrea's blog*

Whoa.. her computer looks really tiny on this 1024 x 12something res.. it's huge. -_- My blog looks REALLY weird.. :D Oh well. Everything's just so.. small. T_T

Listening to glay now. ^_^ Popped the Glay CD in Andrea's computer.. :D


*evil evil evil*

Ugh, digitalrice is down.. -_-


11:39 PM - drea

I should get to sleep soon... Eh well....

11:57 AM - drea
This is so blog looks so weird from here. Oh well.

Anyways. Mom and dad have gone out, rushing to the airport trying to give lucy's bag back to her...and so I'm gonna have a whole day to myself at home! (I think.) Woot! Now, off to find something to eat...