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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique

       March 31, 2001

7:55 PM - drea

Aiyeee!! This is such a pretty cover!! Mine currently has a dark blue cover..the normal one. *sniff* I want to get that pretty cover!!

7:26 PM - drea
I'm going to have corny poo again.

6:58 PM - drea
First step: conquer Microsoft.

Next step: Linux!

       March 30, 2001

12:59 AM - drea

This is stupid. 3 cans of coffee didn't make me any more awake, but maybe even sleepier. All it really did was give me a stomach ache. And I can't be bothered to study. I don't understand math. Oh well. How pointless can this get? *sigh*

       March 29, 2001

9:08 PM - drea

Murder -- by me

The blood dripped.
Observing the maroon glide down the smooth
Once silver stabber, she vaguely noticed
It did not only color the blade
But the real weapon was drenched
Her soul, piercing with hatred
Stained eternally, like the dagger.
The deed was quick; unlike her thoughts
Which came to a halt with her hand
Poised and ready to strike.

She watched,
As his gaping mouth wanted to spit out those words again
She dug in deep,
His snicker still lingered in his eyes
Suddenly like a candle
The flicker faltered.
A smile,
But on her lips.
It glided out so smoothly
Like it always did, without regret.

How did it feel
To get a taste of your own medicine?
‘twas not the way you anticipated it to be?
Those navy eyes held no reply.
Another bitter smile,
Held all that was needed to kill him with.
Caressing his lips with the jagged metal;
Cut that smile off your face.
The origin of my pain is your smile
First thing that brought me to you
And the last.

She slashed
Again and again
And watched slowly as she fell next to him
The knife fell out from her grasp
Releasing itself from the bloodlust
From the pain
Memories flickered slowly in her mind
As she looked into those navy eyes one last time
The blood dried. lame is that? Sheesh. Oh well, I was going to do this thing on Murder for English, but...well...ended up writing a poem cuz I didn't have any inspiration for prose. -_- Eh, anyway.

6:45 PM - drea
Every time I go blog, this joop always seem to have blogged right before me.

Strange how you can have the same blogging habit as someone else. Or...however you'd put it. Hehe.

Anyway. I need to piss. I need to study. I need to finish math. I need more caffiene. CAFFIENE. Em...did I even spell that right?

6:33 PM - drea
Eh, I'm doing nothing productive.

I bought like 8 cans of coffee, and I've downed one already, hoping the caffiene will work and I won't be able to sleep tonight. =D And then so I can study all I want and stuff, so if I'm gonna stay up late, might as well do stuff I want to now...hehehe. xD And that, I haven't done for a while. -_- Hai. Anyway. As you can see, I've been listening to Papa Roach lately. Hehe. =P I think the lyrics are just so close to home. It's as if they just took the words out of my mind and put it with a rhythm. It's kinda scary that way. Yeah well.

You know that Chang Chen guy from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Well, damn, is he hot/cute or what? xD Watched him on TV after the oscars...and WOW, he was so...WOW. =d He had this horrendously cute accent when he was trying to speak cantonese...heehee. xP

5:00 PM - drea
cuz i'm losing my sight
losin my mind
wish somebody would tell me i'm fine
losing my sight
losing my life
wish somebody would tell me i'm fine
nothing's alright
nothing is fine
i'm crying i'm crying
cut my life into pieces...


there's no money
there's no possessions
only obsessions
i don't need that shit

take my money
take my obsessions.

....damn right.

       March 28, 2001

10:09 PM - drea
Cut my life into pieces.

This is my last resort.

11:12 AM - drea
Man, I haven't blogged for forever.

Or at least, it seemed like forever. I haven't gone online for what seems like forever, so now I'm on at school. Hehe. So for once I'm glad they spend so much money on 'educational resources'. Heh. Anyway. I'm in the computer lab, just after computer class. Fell asleep again last night, was way too pooped after Spring Music Night.

Well, you know, I'm glad I joined orchestra now. Not only to please others, but I'm quite happy too. I know a lot of different people now from orchestra and stuff, and it's pretty fun. So now my parents are happy, Vivian's happy, I'm happy. Woot.

Yada yada, I can't be bothered to do my biology...I'll just say I thought it was due on Monday. -_- Oh well...practically didn't do any homework yesterday. Did some math, but I kept getting distracted because I wanted to watch Light My Fire. ^_^;; And it was pretty good! But they were kinda stingy on backstage scenes. Bah. =P

Anyway...I can't think of anything else to say. If I do, I'll come back at lunchtime...or something. Bye.

       March 25, 2001

10:02 PM - drea

Ting downloaded the elements song!! I NEED TO HEAR IT AGAIN...xD

9:28 PM - drea
Eh, turned out I was studying C17 when I was supposed to study for C3.

And to highlight my total stupidity while I was trying to type 'studying' I was typing 'stupidiying'.

5:23 PM - drea

4:47 PM - drea
I succumbed to total laziness by using the fro layout for my blog. ^^;

Hehehe. Well, lessee. On Friday, this was our schedule:

  1. Went to Mandy's place to leave bags first

  2. Went back to school for VB

  3. Gone back to Mandy's place for cake and stuff

  4. Down to Causeway to meet up with Doogey, walked around and stuff while Mandy + Agnes had NTK

  5. Ate dinner at Shooter's at 9, was in the same room as Rosy + Rita and Mr. Ip and Benito ()

  6. Went down to arcade to play some more, totally forgot Ting wanted to go to HMV so we rushed there and it was closed -____-

  7. Took a taxi back to Mandy's place totally pooped.

  8. I took a shower as soon as I got there, all stinky and sticky xP

  9. Then we watched Striking Poses...very disturbingly depressing

  10. Sleep.

And then of course we totally missed the walk...I told my parents I went, which makes me feel really bad. Had to make up this bunch of stuff to make it seem somewhat convincing. I don't want to tell them that we overslept and had no plans to go anyway. =T Oh well...and I bet Mrs. Walker and people will get mad at us for not going and stuff...blegh. This is stupid. Might as well not have given in the damn slip. Oh well. Anyway, our schedule for Saturday:

  1. Had lunch at Mandy's place

  2. Rushed down to Causeway to meet a very pissed off Natalie, ran to HMV to check, met with Jacqueline and went to Festival Walk by MTR

  3. Bought movie tickets, went ice skating

  4. Watched 'Miss Congeniality'...which was pretty stupid

  5. Left straight away for home with Jacq

  6. Did the laundry |P

  7. Went to American Club for dinner

Blegh. Anyway, I think I'd better do homework. I still haven't started yet. Fuck.