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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


3:35 PM - drea
Toasted bread covered with melted cheese and fish stuff is an uncanny mix.

And it actually doesn't taste that bad...;D Anyhoo.

I need to get a start on homework, but...of course, I'll always leave it to the last minute like usual. =P *munches away* This is my lunch. Yes, the funny stuff on toast is my lunch. ;D *munch munch* Blah di blah. I don't have much to say nowadays. -_- Yeah well, anyway.

3:26 PM - drea

PEEKABOO! Hehehe. =D


11:22 PM - drea

Went out to watch Traffic with Margaret today. Was going to watch it at Windsor but they didn't have it, so we walked to Outback first cuz we wanted to eat lunch first...and it was closed! So we went to Times Square to buy the tickets first. Finished buying the tickets, bumped into Kevin, then went upstairs to Yes! station and the arcade, bumped into Robyn. Went down to McDonald's (*sigh*) to eat lunch, bumped into *cough cough* Elaine and Jeffrey (and of course they were as lovey dovey as ever xP). Then watched Traffic after a lot of mindless hanging around.

Watching Traffic must have been the LONGEST 2 and a half hours of my life. It was SO, so boring. Not that it wasn't good, though, but it was hell of a boring movie. I mean, it was about as suspenseful as watching your granny knit or something. Wait, even watching your granny knit would be more suspenseful. Traffic just lacks ATMOSPHERE. It lacks some sort of attraction most movies have that encourage you to forget where you are and to just...join in the movie. It was like watching a documentary.

Spare me.

Anyway, after that. Met with Ting in Wanchai, and we went to 298 and bought some stuff. I got Black & White, and after coming home and trying and trying and trying, I am one very disappointed and frustrated orange. -_- I have this problem where in the tutorial the conscience guy says "Here, I'll show you how to move, like this!" and he doesn't show me a thing. -____- I looked at the message boards, and there was this guy who said just doing this and that would help....but it didn't!!

So now I can't play Black & White. *sigh* I wonder if it'll EVER work....T_T

12:37 AM - drea
I will not, I repeat, NOT succumb to your stupidity.

I'm not going to stoop as low as to your level. Bitch.

Hehe. That sounded fucking cool.

12:34 AM - drea
Chain letters are so, so stupid.


And I just stopped reading from that. I mean, if they're not full of crap, what are they full of? Huh? Mystical magic powers? Sheesh. How stupid/believing/gullible can some people get? I'm kinda superstitious but I only do it to sooth my conscious mind. I think. Anyway, it's like a bad habit I'm trying to kick. -_- Oh well.


4:44 PM - drea
This is from...what? Two weeks ago? I have no idea.

How bored can we get? ^^;

1:07 AM - drea

It's getting real late.

Came back from the dance like...10:30. Pooped as hell. xP Oh well, just me going totally insane dancing away, sooo...*is deathly pooped* Anyway, came back, took down the laundry, changed Ginger's litterbox. Uh, as you can see I've pretty much done nothing interesting when I came back. Maybe I should start on before the dance. Hm. study period, me, Mich, Jacq and Bev just took the minibus down to Causeway earlier ;D, and we hung around and stuff, bought tickets to watch Billy Elliot, took some photo stickers/cards and stuff. Let me just say..Billy Elliot has been one of the best movies I've watched in so long. The last one was The Rock (or at least if there was a good movie in between it wasn't good enough for me to remember ^_~). The guy who plays Billy Elliot, Jamie Bell (I think that's his name..) is SO ADORABLE. He's SO amazingly and Mich were like: OMG!! HE'S SO CUTE!! Throughout the whole movie...=D Anyway, it's a really good movie. There were so many parts when I just started to cry. ^^; Eh yeah, it's just good, okay? ^^;;;;

Anyway...I might scan in the foto stix and card next time when I'm less zombified.

Sleep would be nice. Zzzzz....


12:14 AM - drea
*munches away happily on tong yuen*

Mmm....oh, you know, Mr. Harris has a twin brother. 0_o Isn't that really strange? I mean, when you think you know there's gotta be only one of that person...out of no where, out pops a replica. 0_o Okay, not exactly a replica know what I mean. =P Anyway, it's strange. Really strange. ~_~

12:03 AM - drea

I don't understand math, and I haven't exactly finished it yet. Oh well...tomorrow's mufti day, oh yeah, have to eat tong yuen. Talk later.


11:19 PM - drea

4:16 PM - drea

I have finally tamed litestep. =D This multiple desktop thing is really handy, it's fun to use too. ;D I still don't like the way it's put out but..I guess I can use litestep when I want to open a ton of stuff all at once. =D

It's true when they said that litestep takes up less memory and sure as hell runs a lot faster and better than explorer.exe! =P And my computer keeps crashing because of explorer.exe so litestep was a good solution. =D

In case you were wondering, litestep is a shell program thingamabob. Cuz you know the regular taskbar and desktop you have for windows? Well, it's a shell intergration program that starts up with your computer. The regular one you have with windows is big, ugly, heavy, undurable...but litestep! Ta-da! It's light-weight, compact, configurable, and stuff! =P But it's not recommended for people who have minimal computer experience or quick wit (*ahem* ).

It's pretty confusing at first, but it's not too hard to get the hang of. And stupid me, as soon as I installed it, and I ran it and I had no clue on what to do. I configured, switched shells, rebooted to dos probably a zillion times before I finished configuring it to a minimal state to which I could stand. =P So now, my desktop looks like this! Er, yes, very orange I know. ;D

2:26 AM - drea
I've done nothing productive yesterday and today. Oh well. My computer is slowing, slowing, sloooowing doooown. -_-