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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


8:58 PM - drea
So tired.

This easter must be the most hectic I've ever had. I tried to sleep every chance I got. =P Well, our trip to Sendai, Japan was rocky from the start. Our plane couldn't land in Sendai cuz it was too foggy, so we got detoured to Tokyo (Narita?). And even if we got re-routed to Tokyo, we couldn't exactly do anything there because when we got there it was night, it was dark, and we were dumped in some hotel near the airport so we were far from downtown anyway.

THEN. We finally got to Sendai. It was pretty boring, we had nothing much to do. Finally, we did take the shuttle bus downtown, and it was so relieving to xD~ But if this was shopping, it was pretty much the saddest I've ever seen it as... definitely nothing like Shinjuku/Tokyo/Osaka. -_- We still managed to get some stuff, but we only shopped a bit and went back to the hotel (which was pretty nice but waay too far away THEN. We took this transfer bus that took us to...someplace or something, and it was pretty nice there. During our stay there, we went out on this boat that took us around to look at the surrounding islands.

It was FUN. There were these cute little seagulls (Japanese seagulls are so much cuter than north american seagulls: they call cuter. they're.....cuter. north american seagulls are so aggressive. xP) that tagged behind our boat. And I suppose they do these with all the tourists, as the guys on the boat started to feed the seagulls that flew along on the end of our moving boat. Since they had some junk selling, we bought a pack and we fed some seagulls. It was SO, so hilarious. I just cannot describe the ridiculity (?!) of the situation. We were moving on this boat, and there were these seagulls hovering in front of my face, nipping at food I held out and stuff. Well, I kept feeding until one bird tried to swallow my finger along, and I decided to switch tactics and threw the food out instead.

Okay. Anyway, after that. Took the JR to Sendai to shop (hehehe ;D) and had some good shopping done. =D Got confused while taking the JR back. It's practically inevitable to get confused while you take the JR. I bet even if you took it all the time you'd still get confused. =P JR stands for Japan Railways too, I think. Yeah well, then left for home today and here I am.

Listening to Green Day now. I've been in a lack of music for a long while. It's nice to hear something other than whining and crap. Oh yeah, and dad got me these earphone thingamabobs. NIce to see he can get so enthusiastic about buying stuff like this. Damn. I have to clean up my room and shit because this guy called strictland (which is my mom's boss) is coming for dinner on tuesday. x( And I haven't started any homework yet.

Oh well, I guess the shit is always for tomorrow.


10:02 AM - drea
Leaving soon for the airport.

Tired...slept at 4:30 last night. -_- But that's okay, I'll catch up with sleep on the plane. =D Ah, I can't! ^_~ Mom said I could buy shoes in Japan since they're nicer there. Woohoo! I bet there'll be a ton of cool stuff for me to see and buy....=D =D =D =D Boy oh boy!

Well, best be going now. ^_^ See ya on Friday or so! =D

2:58 AM - drea
Helloooo Japan. =D

I'll be getting there in about...10 hours or so. Woohoo!


11:19 AM - drea
Blah blah blah.

Going out for lunch. Coming back soon, I think. Going to Japan tomorrow. Woohoo. =D

1:24 AM - drea


10:26 PM - drea
La di da.

Okay, my day today...woke up with just enough sleep ;D, had humongous lunch, spent most of afternoon getting pissed off over Black & White , went out for dinner, got 3 t-shirts, got this Japanese phrase-book, dad came back from KL, gave me this cool light phone hanging thingymabob, came home.

And that was in a somewhat particular order. 0_o

I should really, really get a start on homework...that's what I've been telling myself the past few days, but all I've really done is....nothing. BUT, my days haven't been all non-productive! =D I've watched Billy Elliot, Traffic, fixed up ma litestep, can draw better...

Now all I need is to get off my lazy butt and get some excercise, and maybe, even maybe, see some daylight.

4:35 AM - drea

1:54 AM - drea
*is hungry*

Woohoo, I have FINALLY tamed litestep to my final liking. =D =D My desktop now looks like this:

mah desktop =D

Muahahah!! >=D This theme looks more user friendly, actually. You can see the teeny weeny taskbar and system tray, and right on the very top is my minimized winamp. And the really cool wallpaper. ;D This isn't the regular wallpaper that came with the theme though, although that kicked ass too. =D Um, yup! So you like? I like very much. ^_^; And I can finally show 12-hour timing! How cool is that? ^_~