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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


9:46 PM - drea
Ah, fuck.

These conflicts seem endless. My parents made me go to this talk on this summer 'school' (more like camp) thing. And frankly, after I've watched it, I just knew it wasn't right for me. It emphasized on language usage, and they had special English and Mandarin courses. No offense, but those were kinda low level. I don't exactly need to learn Mandarin from cantonese-based courses, let alone English. Then Mom got bitchy and pissed at me cuz I was being a smartass about it. Well hello? I never said I wouldn't even CONSIDER it. I told her that I DID consider it, and I'm fucking open minded.

Oh yeah, they could tell this wasn't summer school and more like summer camp, and they wanted me to meet people with different social status or something, see the world, etc etc. I KNOW what the world is like. I KNOW I'm a spoiled brat who doesn't know better. I KNOW I'm a fucking lazy bum. But I don't WANT to fucking go. I was going to go to summer school, so I could gain knowledge, gain social skills, gain a chance to see Carmen and Alex! And poof, down it goes, because mom suggests summer school and crap like 2 months before summer holidays start. Well hello bitch, how the hell am I going to get applications in now? Thanks alot. And I really, really wanted to go, and now you send me on something else?

I wanted to learn more about the world before I venture out into it.

Fuck it. Stupid fucking summer crap.

12:37 PM - drea
I dreamt last night he kissed me. Like, a farewell kiss or something. =O It was sweet. ^^;;;


11:27 PM - drea
Ugh, I feel so sick. *cough* *dies* xP

P.S. Yay, the archives have for no apparent reason showed up again...woo =D

4:23 PM - kai

4:21 PM - drea
How embarassing.

Craig isn't my boyfriend, I'm still single thank-you-very-much. 0_o

4:09 PM - drea
...things get complicated. 0_o

Id: quote:
Originally posted by Vanish in a thread at TWC:
I'm frustrated! A friend of mine can't seem to locate his girlfriend
(they live 1000's of miles apart and communicate mostly though internet).
She posts at Krap, but I'm not sure what her name is. It might be [rinnie] but I'm not sure.
Thing is, Krap isn't loading on my page! Grrr... I guess I'll have to wait.

But if anyone knows her and talks to her on ICQ or something, could you tell her to email It's important!

Kris: It's cst1fe?
Why not ask cst1fe who this girl is so we can figure it out fast enough ^^;

Wezil: hmmmm...... [rinnie] has been posting... so, i dunno.

Jodie: ACK! >_<
Right, Andrea's been posting... I don't know who this girl is but I can only imagine what this guy is going through...

I wish I could help somehow, but I don't know either of them. =\

Id: I think it is her, actually.. I don't think this cst1fe guy posts here.;)

Marc: well I clearly remember rinnie saying she didn't have a boyfriend so ...

Kris: The name cst1fe sounds soo familiar!
I'm guessing he posts at FF:WA, riiiiiight?

Id: Marc: Okay, I'm wrong, then.
And yeah.. he posts (or did post, at least) at FF:WA. I think.

Kris: BLAAAAAAAH!!!! Why don't he just blurt out who his girlfriend is instead of having us find out who this "girl" is!
There are over 600 members here. Ack, can't he just go here and find it out?

Kris: I'm sorry if I felt mean. I'm just a chicken who needs to spam.

Id: I honestly don't know. Ask Vanish; maybe she does.

Josh: Interesting... Andrea you're with someone????

Reyolen: hmm....well I'm no investigator, just keep me posted.

Ashi: I definatly recognize the name cst1fe. He was even in the chat as well I believe

Vanish: (If I got the situation wrong I'll be so embarrassed... )
At any rate, no matter what her status is, he wants to talk to her. I know her name is Andrea! That's about it. ^_~

(Man if they're not going out, I'll be embarrassed...)

Thanks for posting this up, Id! Before, Krap just wasn't loading for me. grrr.

Robert: O_O
Rinnie...not single...?!

Noooo!! She's supposed to marry me when she gets older!!!

Rubian: cst1fe posted here in the Unmoderated Forum before I think.

Xavier: quote:
Originally posted by Kayin:
Rinnie...not single...?!

Noooo!! She's supposed to marry me when she gets older!!!


You too?

Andrea ... you got some 'splainin' to do!!!

Josh: cst1fe is a viet FFWA member... just thought I'd point that out O_o

Me: I haven't talked to Craig in a long, long, long time ^^;;;;;; Does he still have the same ICQ #? 0_o

And boyfriend? Erm...I dunno, we were married at FF:WA and stuff but...*is confused* xP

AND VANISH!! You don't remember who I am?

3:55 PM - drea
Blah, having vb today...finally. xP

So glad I didn't have to swim, didn't have to field, didn't have to bat...xD Basically I just did nothing much except stand around and sit down at PE. ^_^;; THANK GOD WE DIDN'T HAVE TO SWIM! =D

Blegh, bored now. Lucy's coming with my phone and my glasses, although...maybe the glasses are a bit overdoing it since it's going to be dark soon. Oh well, I wanted to make the trip a worthwhile one 0_o

1:59 AM - drea


4:04 PM - kai
Josh is perfect. You are perfect.

Good enough. :P

4:04 PM - drea
800x600 sucks shit.


4:02 PM - drea
This sucks.

I now announce myself to be a full, total, absolute computer geek. -_-

Yeah. This sucks. I repeat. This SUCKS. Not that I'm a computer geek sucks, but...this shit. Fucking hell. Should have never trusted her. Ah, never mind, you wouldn't understand...and don't fucking SAY you would, because you won't okay? -_-

2:30 AM - drea

What's with the lack of self esteem anyway? Too many mistakes? This is ridiculous. He's perfect, I'm not. Why does he think it's the other way around? Stewpot weirdo.

People sure are strange.


11:19 PM - kai
Lyrical insanity. -_-

11:11 PM - drea
Lyrical insanity. xP

I need these L'arc lyrics...most of them are written by hyde, and they're just beautiful. Although I think it would be better if I could read the Japense instead...0_o I guess the translation'll have to do for now. ;D

11:01 PM - drea
Honey :: Translation

zutto nagameteita
tooku osanai koro kara
ima moiroaseta sono keshiki wa
masshiro na kabe ni kazatte aru

I watched it all the time
Far away, ever since I was young
Even now the faded scenery
Adorns my plain white wall

kawaita kaze wo karamase
anata wo tsureteku no sa
honey so sweet kagirinai yume wo
kono ryoute ni tsukande

Entangled with the dry wind
It takes you away with it
Honey so sweet, grasping
At my boundless dream with both hands

korogatteyuku michi de
sukoshi ikareta dake sa
fukai itami wa torenai kedo
sonna kanashii me wo shinai de

Rolling along on the road
I was just a little bit out of control
I can't take away the deep pain
But don't look so sad...

kawaita kaze wo karamase
anata wo tsureteku no sa
honey so sweet shinjite hoshii
kono sekai ga uso demo

Entangled with the dry wind
It takes you away with it
Honey so sweet, I want you to believe
Even if this world is a lie

I want to fly, waitin' for sunrise

itsu demo itsu demo
amai amai egao ni toketeitai

Anytime, all the time
I want to be melting in your sweet, sweet smile

unemi ga boku wo tsukande
atari wa kasundeku kedo
fusaganai de kikoeru darou
ano basho ga yonderu

Destiny grabs me
"Here" is becoming blurred, but
Don't despair you can hear it
That place is calling

kawaita kaze wo karamase
anata wo tsureteku no sa
honey soweet kagirinai yume wo
kono ryoute ni tsukande

Entangled in the dry wind
It takes you away with it
Honey so sweet, grasping
At my boundless dreams with both hands

I want to fly, waitin'for sunrise
I want to fly, waitin'for sunrise

10:57 PM - drea
Promised Land

[ hana ga saiteiru yo iro toridori no hana ga ]
yume miru nara douzo ki ga tooku naru kara
[ ame wo furasemashou nan'nichi mo tayasazu ni ]
demo anata mo douse iku toki wa issho sa

ueta ookamitachi ga ai wo gizou suru
[ saa watashi wo shinjite kudasai ]

tomaranai honoo wa susumu
ososugita mezame no ato wa [ sayonara ] sa

[ ai wo sodatemashou ] nante fushigina kotoba de
mou torikaesenai sou mirai nanka nai
kakuu no hanashi wa sou sutekina genjitsu
ima sore nara sugu ni saa kasei ni yukou

oshierareta rekishi arasoi no PROFUIIRU
[ saa kiseki wo shinjite kudasai ]

negai wa yakitsukusarete
owaranai kareki no sekai de dare ni sosogu ?
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
shiboritate no namida wo douzo meshiagare
[ ai subeki mono yo ! ]

aa daremo inai yozora ni mukatte
anata wo oshieru no ?

Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields

tomaranai honoo wa susumu
ososugita mezame no ato wa [ sayonara ] sa
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
shiboritate no namida wo douzo meshiagare
[ mitsu no aji ga suru kai ? ]

10:56 PM - drea
Perfect Blue

mabushii taiyouga bokuno kokoro o
massaona sora no shita e tsuredashite yuku

dakedo kono machijuu niwa bokukara jiyuuo
ubatte nigeteku hora anatawa dare?

donkan na sono egao no shitano tsumi o wakattenai
onaji me ni awanakereba zenzen kimi wa wakaranainoka?

sonna tsukuribanashi made yooi shite te ni ireta
okane nante hakike ga suruze

marude akashingou o mou speed de hashiri nuketeku
sunday.driver mitaisa

donkan na sono egao no shitano tsumi o wakattenai
onaji me ni awanakereba zenzen kimi wa wakaranainoka?

bokuni dekiru koto to ieba nakayubi o taterudake

donkan na sono egao no shitano tsumi o wakattenai
onaji me ni awanakereba zenzen kimi wa wakaranainoka?

kai inu ni te o kamareteru marude sonna kibun dayone
kiga tsukeba shisen darake NO NO kokowa doubutsuen janaiyo

tooku nigeyou minami no shima made nigeyou

10:55 PM - drea
Milky Way

hoshi furu yoru kimi ni aitakute
yoake wo matazu machi wo nukedashita
tsukiakari no shita no kimi.... ima mo

days hashaide aruiteta ano koro ga
maze itsu made mo tsuzuku you na ki ga shiteta

naze hitomi no oku kimi wa mayoi toomawari suru ?
hora kokoro no DOA hirakeba sugu mukae ni yuku yo

afureru omoi kaze ni nagasarete
akiramenai to chikatta ano basho e
furisosogu hoshi ni dakare... futari

lies ano koro ga uso ni naru wake janakute
eyes me wo tojite tada omoide ni nigeteru dake

demo koko ni itemo nani hitotsu kawari wa shinai
sou daiji nano wa kako janakute kagayaku mirai

afureru omoi kaze ni nagasarete
fumidasu koto sukoshi tameratta
mou mayowanai
hoshi furu yoru kimi ni aitakute
yoake wo matazu machi wo nukedashita
tsukiakari no shita no kimi... zutto

10:54 PM - drea
Heaven's Drive

akitarinai n da ne
tsugi wa nani ga hoshii?
tsumi no ishiki no nai ueta kuchimoto ni
hone made kuwaresou sa leave me alone !

kizuguchi o nazotte
aegu koe ga sukina n da
sonna renzu-goshi no hebi ni asobarete
torawareta kibun sa

* kowaresouna supiido agete tsuresatte kure
sekai ni hi o tsukeru no sa
ride on heaven's drive
asu o ubatte warai akasou ze
atarashii sono hakobune ni notte

karada wa dokusarete yuku
aa... shinigami no toriko sa
umaresugita akumu ga bouchoushite
dare mo te ni oenai

mabushii kurai no hizashi ni koi kogareteru n da
subete o fukitobashite
ride on heaven's drive
michi zure ni batsu o ukeru mae ni
atarashii sono hakobune de kimi to
doko made mo hikari o sagashite
...sou omou mama ni mukatte itte
anyway the world is born again

* repeat
ride on heaven
saa kagi o te ni shite kakedasu no sa
sono hakobune ni notte

10:53 PM - drea

sou kitsuite ita gogo no hikari ni mada
boku wa nemutteru
omoi doori ni naranai SHINARIO wa
tomadoi bakari dakedo

kyou mo aenai kara BEDDO no naka me wo tojite
tsugi no tsugi no asa made mo
kono yume no kimi ni mitoreteru yo

* itsudemo kimi no egao ni yurete
taiyou no you ni tsuyoku saite itai
mune ga itakute itakute koware sou dakara
kanawanu omoi nara semete karetai!

mou waraenai yo
yume no naka de sae mo onaji koto iunda ne
mado no mukou
hontou no kimi wa ima nani wo shiterun darou

tooi hi no kinou ni karappo no torikago wo motte
aruiteta boku wa kitto kimi wo sagashite tanda ne

azayaka na kaze ni sasowarete mo
muchuu de kimi wo oikakete iru yo
sora wa ima ni mo ima ni mo
furi sosogu you na aosa de
miageta boku wo tsutsunda

like a flower
~flowers bloom in sunlight and I live close to you~

ikutsu mo no tane wo ano oka e ukabete
kirei na hana wo shiki tsumete ageru
hayaku mitsukete mitsukete koko ni iru kara
okosareru no wo matteru no ni

* repeat

10:45 PM - drea
Butterfly's Sleep

shoujo no you ni karen na hitomi wa
toumei na mama de
majiwaranai awaku shiroi hada
chou no you ni mau doresu(dress)

himeta omoi musubarenakutomo
eien o negatta kisetsu wa
sotto kage o hisome kurayami no shihai
yuganda haguruma Ah

sono daichi o yakiharaeba ii
sono subete o ubaiaeba ii

mou ni do to anata no me wa
kono utsukushii yoake o
utsusu koto mo kanai wa shinai
inochi o tabane sasagetemo

Please rise from the dead on earth
with my last kiss

sono daichi o yakiharaeba ii
sono subete o ubaiaeba ii
ah nani o nani o nozomarete
kanashimi o umidasu no ka?

itsu made mo sono negao o shizuka ni mitsumeteita
nemuri o sasou yasashii kaze ga futari o tsutsumu made

kono koi wa toki o koete
anata no moto ni sakaseyou
ikusen no yoru to asa ni mukae
dare no te ni mo todokanai chi de

10:44 PM - drea
And She Said

genshoku no doukeshi wa sora no ue
te o sashinobe iu "saa serofan no hanabatake e yukimashou"
...... ochiteyuku boku ni

amai kaori no mukou ni kimi o mita
utsukushiku mo hageshii memai no naka
iki o kirashi oikakeru kono boku no
mune ni aita ana wa dokomade hirogaru no ka

ochiteyuku kedo aenakute
memai ni mi o shizumereba
kono sora o amagumo ga ooitsukushiteyuku

and she said
mada sukoshi hadazamui hi no asa wa dokoka monouge de
saigo no kotoba ga heyajuu o kakemawatteimasu

aenakute memai ni mi o shizumereba
kono sora o amagumo ga ooitsukushiteyuku
marude koboreta inku no you ni sora ga nijindeyuku
and she said
soshite sukoshi osanai kao no kimi ga chiisa na koe de itta
saigo no kotoba ga heyajuu o kakemawatteimasu

I think so
mada sukoshi hadazamui hi no asa wa dokoka monouge de
... yagate kimi ga kureta hibi mo iroaseteyuku no kana

9:38 PM - kai

7:56 PM - kai

6:59 PM - kai!!

4:21 PM - da village idiot
How about...

4:15 PM - kai

Good enough? XD And no you don't love Ken Chow. XD

4:14 PM - da village idiot
I love Ken Chow! Yeah... I do, don't I?

4:13 PM - kai
.... get away from me. :P

Your account's busted too.. how 'bout XD

BWAHAHAHAHAH!! No more ugly font.. XD

4:12 PM - da village idiot
OOPS, I overwrote my last post. T_T

4:11 PM - kai

4:10 PM - kai

4:07 PM - da village idiot
Ohhhhhhhhh, poor Kai.
You can use as your webhost if you want! =P
Your faaavorite.

4:06 AM - drea
Bigass headache.

I'm sleeping now.

3:42 AM - drea

I doubt I'll sleep anymore.

2:15 AM - drea
tetsu: where's drea?

me: right here hon!

tetsu: aa anemoneeeeee....


6:45 PM - drea


6:43 PM - drea

6:39 PM - kai
Josh is an evil poo. :D

6:21 PM - drea
josh: : ) Cool *Is the only Josh* la la la I'm the only Josh la la la *dances* :P hehe so cool.. I'm on la la la

*quotes you* >=D

4:44 PM - drea
Mm. Crunch Corner. I like Fruit Corner better though.


11:30 PM - drea
carmen: BWAHAHAH!! I'm hot but evil!

josh: BWAHAHHA! I'm sexy and I have pretty nipples! ^_~

Couldn't resist, my two personal fave hotties ^_~

9:42 PM - drea
*hides behind Tetsu*

5:48 PM - da village idiot
*kicks Ken away, throws a buncha paper airplanes on him and runs to Ayumi*

5:43 PM - kai
*kicks Britney away*

HAHAHAHAHHAAA.. the idea of you going to a Britney site is... *choke* HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!

 ken says: jaaaaaaaason.. aren't i seksay?

note to ken lovers: i'd just like to say i have nothing against ken whatsoever. it's just so funny.. XD

5:42 PM - drea
*is even more scared now*

5:36 PM - da village idiot
AHAHAHA!britney says: kaiiiiii... *wink*

(I had to go to a Britney Spears site just to get that pic T_T)

5:31 PM - drea


5:26 PM - kai
I like Ken-lookalike.. even if he is a dick. :P

5:23 PM - drea

*laughs so hard she snorts and dies*

C'mon Jason, Ken isn't bad ya know ^_~

5:13 PM - kai

ken: oh jaaaason..

5:10 PM - da village idiot
*runs away in terror*

4:57 PM - kai
ken says: jason.. have i ever mentioned that i think you are the hottest guy alive?

4:55 PM - kai
 tetsu: *looks away shyly* I even drew this little doodle for you ting...

me: *huggles tetchan*

11:07 AM - drea
I failed my computer test, I think...0_o

Peggy's sitting next to me chewing her gum and looking at me type. AREN'T YOU TYPING YOUR STUFF NOW PEGLEG??

*invasion of Dan dan* mwahahahahahahahah!

*is scared*

1:16 AM - drea
tetsu: I'll do anything, ANYTHING for drea now..what can I do to make her happy?

*tetsu thinks for a while*


tetsu: see? I'll even dress like a woman if it makes you happy drea

me: aww, you're tooooo sweet

1:12 AM - kai

 tetsu says: I shall always stay faithful to Ting..

1:04 AM - da village idiot
ayu says:maybe i should have tetsu...
jason says: nooooooo!!!

1:01 AM - kai
Your copy is fake! :P


 tetsu says: I only smile for Ting! *grin grin grin*
ting says: Awww, that's so sweet.. thank you..

12:49 AM - drea
You could always borrow my copy. >=D

12:46 AM - da village idiot
Oh yeah... Kai said she wouldn't lemme borrow Grand Cross I if I didn't say Tetsu was hers... sooooooo, yeah. =P

12:39 AM - drea
At least I saved them on my own server? 0_o

PLUS...the hyde pic was from chumkins and I linked them ^_^;

12:39 AM - da village idiot
ayu says: *some japanese stuff*
jason says: uhh... yeah!


Edit: Ok that pic was too big.

Edit:: I helped you fix it so you can still drool over Ayumi. ;D

12:32 AM - kai

(and you're plagarizing off fourth avenue! :P or wherever you're getting your pictures from..)

12:28 AM - drea
tetsu says: drea! let's go out and watch a movie, go shopping in hysteric glamour and stuff yeah? *wink*

me: of course, honey!

12:25 AM - kai

12:24 AM - da village idiot

12:23 AM - drea
Speak for yourself! xP

You can't have Tetsu because I ALREADY OWN HIM >=D

12:21 AM - kai
Low she doesn't! >:D

12:15 AM - da village idiot
I do of course, and so does Andrea, right Andrea? =P

12:13 AM - kai
So cheap.. :P


Who cares who Ayumi belongs to? >:D

12:11 AM - da village idiot
This is turning into IRC, LOL..
Doesn't matter who Tetsu belongs to.

12:09 AM - kai

12:04 AM - drea

Seeseeseeseeseeseesee?? >=D

12:03 AM - drea


12:02 AM - da village idiot
I think it says "yours", not "Kai". =P


11:59 PM - kai

11:52 PM - kai

11:43 PM - da village idiot

11:38 PM - drea
hyde says: Back off sister! I belong to Andrea, as is Tetsu! >=D

9:33 PM - kai
My god, it's full of stars.


9:21 PM - drea
Watching chronicle 2, anemone live, listening to anemone, reading the translation of anemone, singing along...

I'm just so torn. I cried so many times just listening to anemone last night. Funny. *sighs like the stupid romantic she is*

8:53 PM - drea

Evil deeds? What evil deeds? AND TETSU IS MINE NOW


7:04 PM - da village idiot
Ahh... yet again I am a victim of the Kai and the Andrea's evil deeds. T_T

6:45 PM - kai




3:28 AM - da village idiot
*points at Andrea's guestbook*