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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


11:52 PM - drea
I forgot what I was going to say.

It's happening to me so often now. The rail that my train of thought runs on must lead somewhere else now. Ugh.


3:55 PM - drea
Pah, at school again. ^_^;

Ten to four right now. =P At 4 we're going to have visual basic. =| We haven't exactly done much to our game...but nevertheless, at least we have something. =/ Ah well...-_-"

Anyway, our game now is just like Typing of the Dead. It's called Typing of the Snife, I think. Snife because it sounded good (a mispronunciation of 'snipe'). Ah well. La di da, Mr. Wong's (the teacher dude) is here. Did I just say dude? 0_0; I'm feeling more and more dillusional these days. =O


Danny and Kai are playing CS now..(again) Ah well, I never seem to join in =| Maybe I'll go to GE soon...maybe not, since we have exams soon. xO Darn exams!!! x_x



11:59 PM - drea


11:52 PM - drea
Shameless plug ahoy! x)


This is the cooliest site you'll ever see in days yet to come. =D

Ugh. I still haven't finished my bio yet. It doesn't even look close to finished. And I really want to work on the vb project right now, but...I still have to take a shower and finish bio and math first. Darn math. Maybe I'll do a bit tonight and finish the rest in Chinese or something tomorrow. =P

Ah yes...since I'm bloggin I might as well tell you about...stuff. We had this party at lunch for French today...we had Frenchy food. x) It was great! We didn't know anything about it though, so next Thursday we're having another one....but we're supplying the food. ^_^ Oh yeah...I really must get studying, as my exams are two weeks! =O I didn't realize they were coming so fast..I always thought they were going to be in a month or so. It's a lot sooner than what I thought. =/ And it seems I really have to get off the computer for the next two weeks so I can concentrate, but I seriously doubt that'd be happening. =P

Anyway, I'm serious about studying, I'm just lacking motivation. =P

10:17 PM - drea
I'm so, so tired. I think I'm going to split soon. -_-

Ugh. Anyway, tomorrow's Friday again. I still have to finish writing up my bio report...=/ And work on the still unfinished visual basic project. xO And tomorrow is 'Dress Up as Someone Famous' mufti day. =| I doubt I'll actually dress up as anyone famous....I don't think I have the right clothes. 0_0;

*sigh* So tired.


12:24 AM - drea
what the hey?


7:47 PM - drea
It feels like it's really dark cuz one of the lightbulbs in my room light blew.

Ah, anyway. I came back a while ago from Causeway. After Christian Club, me and Kai went down to Causeway thinking of buying CS, but then when we were walking I thought: Wait...isn't there a full version of CS you can download off the net? Why am I even bothering to pay 230 to buy CS anyway? I could spend 230 on so much other stuff...

And so I ended up not getting CS today. =P But I did get Theme's been tweaked since the old version I've played. =D And you know what sucks? My 3d card sucks so much it can't even handle Theme Hospital. ;_; Anyway, I also bought these hairtie thingies and some hair clips. x) They're so pretty! I can't get enough of these. ^^; And I was looking at all these different shoes today..I know what I want for m'birthday. x) A pair of those pretty sneakers. *_* I really want a new pair of shoes, because I only really have one pair of sneakers I go out with all the time. I have this other white pair, but they're more for sports and they're not really what you'd wear going out. =/ And of course, my school shoes, but I'd never go out wearing those. =P And there are sandals but that's a different question altogether. Yes. birthday is coming up pretty soon. =D It's right before the exams...two days before. =O You know, Yoan's birthday is the same as mine. This is pretty cool, as I've never met anyone with the same birthday as me before! =O It's strange...a lot of people I know are Scorpio. Eh, yeah. Randomness. Randomness = immense hunger.

Which means dinnertime. x)

1:50 AM - drea
*dreams of buying or*

1:25 AM - drea
La di da. As you will's 1:20 am right now. 0_o

Yes, yes, I'll go sleep soon, but I thought I might as well write and then finish. ^^;

I bought so much stuff on Sunday. =D Since my grandparents gave me money before they left, now I'm 'un-broke'. =D I can even afford CS...;_; *cries tears of joy* So anyway. =D I spent a ton of money when we were in the arcade, and I went to Yes Station and got some stuff. I got me all this afro dog stuff! xO I got this mousepad, these 4 cute little fro towels, and a fro notebook. xD Then when Kai and Danny left I went down to Citysuper and Page One. I got another Dilbert book for mom, seeing how she enjoyed those evil little anti-work concepts ;D, and bought food and stationary in CitySuper. =D Hooray =D

And about Project Week. I wanted to go canoeing in Canada for Project Week, but when I told mom she was like: what are you, nuts? It's going to be FREEZING in october, yada yada. So I chose rock climbing in Thailand instead. =/ For my second option I put Greece, but if climbing is full then I seriously doubt I'd get into Greece. Ah well. =/

Mom and dad are leaving for like..2 weeks or something for Amy's grad. I can't go of course, cuz it's pretty much like in the middle of my exams. =B So I'll be home alone for like....2 weeks or somethin. Wanna come over to crash? Ask me and I might consider it. ;D Anyway, in this kinda situation I would probably take advantage of them not being here and going online all day and stuff, but I'd better not. Exams are getting nearer and nearer, and I really need to start studying.

So I say. -_-

Ah well, procrastinating is never THAT bad...right? =P

1:09 AM - drea
New layout! =D

Okay. ^_^;


8:46 PM - drea
Yoha! I am promoting Clean and Clear oil paper stuff. Dance 'till your butt falls off. Mmm, I see.

Those are the movie clips. Check 'em out. xD

4:39 PM - kai

danny playing with andrea's phone.

er.. danny in black. :D

rea looking down...

rea looking up. O_O



8:52 PM - drea

There hasn't been a more productive day than today. =D I haven't been so happy in a while. sad.