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mOOoood swings. =D Moody: A Site Clique


4:32 PM - drea
Well, I haven't moved yet, but roar.

Kyd's down! Surprise, surprise. =O Anyway, I'll keep looking around. If I'm not successful, I'll just stick here. And that new layout's coming around.


4:02 PM - drea
P.S. I'm moving to And stop laughing, Kai.

3:59 PM - drea
New layout in progress.

I can just sense your hype. Oh boy.


10:38 PM - drea've got to read Kaycee's blog. I just realized she passed away two days ago. =O I recall I've been to her page before, but I never really looked at it. But now I've read most of It's just amazing.

Anyway, I'm left speechless.

I woke up today this morning and the whole right shoulder section was feeling totally sore. And after today's trip to Sai Kung, I'm dead. I'm so fucking tired it's not funny. xO I really, really want to curl up in bed and sleep for the rest of the week.

Which reminds me, I should REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY start doing homework now otherwise I'll never get to sleep.

Eh, fat chance.

Btw. I'm moving. No more =) I was anticipating this day, so don't be sad! =D I'll be moving somewhere...not entirely sure yet, but I'll keep ya posted. And I'll definitely have a new layout up by then. ^_~

Yeah, yeah, I can sense your excitement already. Haha.

11:03 AM - kai
*cough cough* *AHEM*


11:52 PM - drea
Isn't that guy so hot? The guy with all the arrows pointing at him, of course.


9:08 PM - drea

The namezero banner is back. Shows that they're not THAT stupid after all. xD

Hah, so time to look for new space. For now, link me back to, until if I ever find a good, reliable, free and bannerless host.


6:23 PM - kai
wheeheehee. since i'm so nice, i pressed the publish button for you. :D

and.. don't say that. (*points to geo survey entry*) you're making me feel... like a low, shallow bitch. o_O and i know for a fact that everyone loves you.. :P so there!



5:57 PM - drea
Woooooooooooooooooooooot. =D

Today was half day. I was thinking of going home early because I had flute at 4, but since I got convinced I decided to go out instead, and I moved my flute lesson to wednesday. =O I really don't like flute that much....I'm just not quite interested in it anymore. But I don't want to drop it either because it's still early, and I'd rather drop it when I've gone a bit further. =/ *shrugs* That's just me..I like something for like the quickest span of a moment and then I drop it the next. Pah. -_-

ANYWAY. =D We went to the arcades today, and I played soooo many rounds of time crisis/that other shooting game/drum mania. xO I LOVE DRUM MANIA!! ;_; I wanna get a home version so I can play everyday. =O It's sooooooo much fun!! =D I don't know, there's something about drums that is just so great. The rhythm to a melody, the core of a song. *shrugs* And it's much fun...=O I really want to get the home version. ;_; I kinda want to take up drum lessons too...drums are fuuuun =O And drums come in handy too! ...kinda. Anyway, it'll sure help with my sense of rhythm..not like I have a sense of rhythm. ;D

And talking about drums...everytime I listen to L'arc, or watch L'arc videos, I always pay attention to Yuki now..=O He is SUCH a good drummer. He's of the best drummers in Japan or something. =O Well...anyway, he's really good. ^_^;;

Bah. I think I best be getting to work, although I probably won't anyway. =O

Today was great. I spent a ton of money on arcades.

It was definitely worth it.